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Is A GoMini Right For You?

Wondering ‘is a GoMini right for you?’ Are you getting ready to sell your current home and need to stage it for prospective buyers? Do you need a space to you store all those extras that you want to keep but need to move out of the house until you can place it in your new home?

A GoMini Is The Perfect Solution!

We have the perfect solution: Our GoMini Portable Storage Containers. We service New Hampshire, Maine, Southern Vermont, and parts of Northern Massachusetts.You won’t have to make multiple trips to a storage unit when clearing items because we will bring a GoMini Container right to your doorstep. You can take your time to load it, carefully selecting what you want to keep safe until the move. When the house is ready to be shown, we can bring the GoMini back to our Hudson facility and store it for you. Then we will move it to your new location where you will find your precious items safe and in-tact and ready to be placed in their new home.

If you prefer to keep the container on your property until the move, that’s ok too. Just call us when it’s time for you to move into your new residence, and we’ll take the GoMini there for you. You can unload it at your leisure and call us for a final pickup when it’s empty.

What could be easier? Just call us today for a free, no obligation quote. The price we quote is the price we charge. No gimmicks, no false promises. Ask about our Senior and/or Military discount.