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Is A Go Mini Right For You

Is A GoMini Right For You? Wondering ‘is a GoMini right for you?’ Are you getting ready to sell your current home and need to stage it for prospective buyers? Do you need a space to you store all those extras that… [...]

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Red Cross is Helping 1,000s as Flooding Continues in Carolinas

Hurricane Florence is gone but her devastating effects continue in the Carolinas where dangerous flooding is still occurring, forcing more people to leave their homes. Officials say it could be weeks before the flooding ends. Thousands of American Red Cross disaster workers… [...]

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Compare GoMinis of Nashua-Manchester to our Competitors

Compare GoMinis of Nashua-Manchester to our Competitors Our GoMini Franchise is locally owned and operated. We are your neighbors and really care about you and your satisfaction. Also, we do not have a Call Center in another part of the country answering… [...]

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