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Compare Go Mini’s® to PODS®

All portable storage containers are not created equal. Go Mini’s® storage containers are designed and built with our end user – you! – in mind. Read on to learn how the state-of-the-art containers used by Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage have many advantages over PODS® containers.

The Go Mini’s® Advantage vs. PODS®:

  • Translucent roofs and panels allow more light into our containers for better visibility.
  • Vents allow heat dissipation and prevent moisture build up during the hotter summer season.
  • Padded steel casters help to prevent damage to your driveway during placement and allow the container to be gently rolled into tight spots.
  • 8” raised wheels provide better protection against flooding or melting snow. More importantly, the higher profile allows air circulation beneath the container to protect against mold and mildew.
  • Padded wheels on our storage units prevent damage to your driveway.
  • Heavy-duty construction makes Go Mini’s® strong and weatherproof. When you see a Go Mini’s® portable storage container in person, you’ll be comforted by its construction and build quality. Go Mini’s® containers will withstand all of New England’s weather in any season and are sealed in all the right places to ensure sound weatherproofing.
  • The exact size you need: 12’, 16’, or our Signature 20’. By contrast, PODS’ largest storage containers are only 16’. With the PODS approach, if you need more than 16’, you’ll need an additional container (nearly double the cost of one Go Mini’s® exclusive 20’ container.) Think about that for a second: You’re riding lawn mower or refrigerator might put you over your space capacity in a 16’ container, but with a 20’ Go Mini’s® container, not only can you fit the riding mower, you can also fit the refrigerator plus many more items.
  • Designed specifically for furniture and household items. Unlike other containers which can range from rusted steel units to unfinished wood, Go Mini’s® interior walls and floors are fully finished, clean, and smooth for easy moving and loading. You’ll find plenty of tie-down locations throughout a Go Mini’s® container to secure your items – that means there’s very little movement of your precious cargo when our container is in motion. With our easy roll-up doors and double barn doors, you can easily move and load even the largest items.
  • The Go Mini’s® container comes off the truck at a maximum 12-degree angle. This provides a more controlled container delivery and pick up.
  • 25% More tie-down points than PODS, offering a more secure move of your valuables.
  • We are locally owned and operated. We are part of this community, with our office located right in Hudson, NH. Our employees are your neighbors, and friends and will treat you and your belongings with respect.

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