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Moving Containers vs. Moving Truck Rentals

When you compare Go Mini’s® moving containers to moving truck rentals in New Hampshire + Massachusetts, you’ll find that moving with Go Mini’s® will save you time, money, energy, and most importantly, worry.

Save Time with Go Mini’s® vs Moving Trucks
GoMini Self Storage Units Portable Units NHMoving truck rentals take a lot more of your valuable time because you have to pick up the rental truck, then return it when you’re finished. With a Go Mini’s® moving container, we deliver the moving container to you. With just a phone call our professional driver will place the Go Mini’s® container conveniently in your driveway. You don’t even have to be home when your Go Mini is delivered because all paperwork can be completed digitally from your computer or mobile device.

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Save Money with Go Mini’s® vs Moving Trucks
At first glance, moving truck rentals can look like a bargain. However, there can be many hidden expenses, including:

  • Rented trucks get as few as 5 miles to a gallon of gas
  • Collision insurance is costly
  • Every additional day (and sometimes every additional hour) is an additional charge

With Go Mini’s® there are no extra or hidden expenses. You get a full 30 days of use in your initial rental so you can take your time, move at your own pace, and know exactly what your cost will be. You only need to pay a flat transportation fee. Fuel, tolls, and collision insurance are our responsibility, not yours.

Rent a Go Mini’s container and save. Click here to see our current discounts and offers.

Save Your Energy with Go Mini’s® vs Moving trucks
Unlike rented moving trucks, Go Mini’s® are only 8” off the ground, so moving with portable storage is easy. There are no precarious ramps to climb, making Go Mini’s® much quicker, safer, and easier to load.

Save Worry with Go Mini’s®
Unless you’re a professional driver, driving a loaded rental moving truck on New Hampshire and Massachusetts roads can be intimidating. With Go Mini’s® you don’t have to worry about maneuvering a large truck because our professional drivers pick up and move the loaded container when you call, and return the empty container when you’re ready.

Save Your Back with Go Mini’s®
You have the option to get help with handling and loading your heavier items. Go Mini’s® offers professional moving assistance for any – or all — of your items. Our sister company, diggins & ROSE Moving Systems, is here to help with all of your moving needs. Our certified, professional movers are background-checked, experienced, helpful, and downright friendly. And they’re darn good:

  • Low damage claims – never had a claim, in fact
  • Can position our container close to the house
  • A more-sophisticated delivery and pickup system