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Moving Containers To Move Yourself

GoMini Self Storage Units Portable Units NHThinking of renting a truck and doing a self-move in New Hampshire or Massachusetts? Go Mini’s® offers a portable moving containers alternative that is perfect for you to move yourself. With Go Minis there is no need for a truck rental, and no stress of a time constraint. Choose Go Mini’s® moving containers for a cost-effective, low-stress, safe and secure approach to moving your valuables.

Go Mini’s Containers Replace “Hassle” With “Convenience”

Portable containers from Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage in Hudson, NH remove the hassles of moving yourself. Here is how our patented portable containers deliver convenience:

  • Ease of loading: Containers are 8″ off the ground, so there are no ramps to climb or balancing acts needed when handling furniture.
  • Delivered right to your door: compared to picking up and dropping off rented vehicles.
  • Take your time: You get a full month (30 days) in your rental so you can load/unload at your convenience.
  • Cost effective: Eliminate hidden expenses, including fuel, tolls, and pricey collision insurance.
  • A helping hand: We can provide professional movers to help you with loading and unloading your container. Or we can handle your entire move while you kick back and relax.
  • See what you store: Patented containers have translucent roofs/panels for maximum interior visibility.
  • Secure + damage-free: Smooth, finished interior walls, and built-in tie-downs for easy, damage-free loading and securing.
  • Easy access doors: Roll-up doors and double barn doors give you full access, and both types provide secure locking mechanisms.

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Three Moving Container Sizes For Your Convenience

Get your Go Mini’s® container in the exact size you need to move yourself. Our most popular sizes are the 12′ and 16′ containers. For those with many possessions, we offer the Signature 20’ container. Wondering which container size you need? Here is some help to figure out which Go Mini’s® size you need:

The 12 ft. Go Mini’s moving container is great for people who only need to move a couple rooms worth of belongings. Some examples might be:

  • Moving from a small apartment to another.
  • Moving out of a dorm room to your own home or apartment.
  • Moving from a small home into a larger space

The 16 ft. Go Mini’s moving container is big enough to fill with three to four rooms worth of items. This container would be ideal for:

  • Moving from a large apartment to another apartment or small home.
  • Moving your business from one location to another.

The 20 ft. Go Mini’s container typically holds five to six rooms and is ideal for:

  • Moving larger homes.
  • Moving larger apartments.
  • Moving large displays to exhibitions or conferences.
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