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Go Mini’s® Commercial Storage Solutions

Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage units make commercial storage easy, economical, and flexible enough to fit fast-changing needs. We offer state-of-the-art portable storage containers that come in three convenient sizes.

Our Commercial Storage Container Sizes:

  • 12 foot containers
  • 16 foot containers
  • 20 foot containers – our signature size!

We offer prompt container delivery, prompt container pick-up, and a choice of storage locations that include (1) your property for easy accessibility and (2) our safe and secure 50,000 sq. ft. location in Hudson, NH.

Reasons Your Organization Might Need a Portable Storage Solution

Here are just some of the ways that New Hampshire & Massachusetts businesses and organizations use Go Mini’s® for commercial storage:

  • Expandable temporary storage during renovation or restoration
  • Take advantage of bulk-buying opportunities (and save money)
  • Have enough inventory on hand to meet seasonal volume needs
  • Easily store out-of-season equipment and inventory
  • Safe, secure, and convenient onsite records storage
  • Economically expand your current space constraints

Portable Storage Units For Retail Use

Retail locations often make use of our portable storage units for the following reasons:

  • Seasonal Items: Storing away holiday decor, seasonal items and monthly promotional signage
  • Decluttering: When re-staging a store-front, the most effective approach is to de-clutter before rearranging
  • Records Storage: Sales receipts, vendor invoices and employee documentation can easily be stored in a unit
  • Inventory: Any excess in inventory can be stored outside of the store until restocking is needed
  • Renovations/New Location Build-Outs: Keep inventory, shelving, displays and important records conveniently on hand
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Go Mini’s® : The Safe, Economical Choice For Commercial Storage

When you store your items with Go Mini’s® , they’re handled just one time compared with conventional commercial storage where your items are (1) loaded into a moving van, (2) unloaded into storage, (3) reloaded for delivery from storage, then (4) unloaded again. Handling costs and the potential for damage due to handling are significantly reduced with portable storage containers. Let’s talk. See why Go Mini’s® is one of the most-economical and safest storage methods your business will find anywhere.

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